Hidden Decoy Safes

You want to keep pesky hands away from your possessions. Whether you are a rare coin collector, have a piggy bank that's had funds go missing, or otherwise want to place small items in a safe, a Hidden Decoy Safe is a perfect solution to your troubles.

We carry different hidden safes to hide belongings you don't want other people to touch. Some options include coffee creamer safes, brake cleaners, or an energy drink can diversion safe. These small and large safes are perfect to keep people away from items that are otherwise left in plain sight for anyone to see. You can go so far as choosing a 7Up can or another soda can to hide away your valuables.

When you want to hide items in plain sight, common objects are a great way to do that. Check out the dozens of great hidden decoy safe options we have available for storing small and large items.