Beer Can Safe

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Are you looking for a safe place for your cash? Do you have valuable pieces of jewelry you want to hide? Our Beer Can Safe is what you need.

Our safe:

  • Looks like a common household item
  • Has enough room for small valuables
  • Is affordably priced
  • Can be placed in the refrigerator  

Imagine being able to store your small valuables in a place no one think to look for them. Whether you are hiding your items from would-be criminals or from prying eyes in your own home, no one is going to look in a beer can.

Simply unscrew the lid, place your valuables inside, and screw the lid back on. Put the safe in your refrigerator with the real cans and no one is the wiser. You can protect your valuables or that money you're saving for a rainy day. The choice is yours!

We know that you don't like to believe that you could ever be a victim of crime. No one does, but then it happens. If you are a victim though, you'll know that your items are safe when you put them in a hidden safe.

Other safes are easy to spot and carry out of your home. Our hidden safes aren't given a second glance. That means that your valuable items stay put.

Look around our site before you place your order. We carry a variety of hidden safes that will blend in seamlessly with your decor. From kitchen items to things you keep in the living room, our safes look like common items.

Order your hidden safe from today. We package and ship your item quickly. You can trust that your valuables are kept from criminals, nosy neighbors, and the curious hands of little ones. Place your order now! 

Interior dimensions of safe 1" x 3 1/2"

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