Body Spray Hidden Safe

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Axe body spray might smell great, but it isn't for everyone. When it comes to hiding items you don't want anyone in your household to find or take from you, a can of body spray is as discreet as it gets. Our Body Spray Hidden Safe is a simple solution to your worries if you have a roommate that's borrowed money a few too many times without paying you back.

The unique design of the Body Spray Hidden Safe features:

  • A discreet appearance serving the dual-purpose of safeguarding belongings and acting as an addition to your shower space
  • Twist top design to open and close the safe discreetly
  • Lightweight design is compact and doesn't take up too much space in the bathroom

The body spray bottle looks like any other spray bottle in your medicine cabinet. Others in the household will never suspect it is serving as a clever safe, to protect the small items you don't want others to have hold of.

The screw top design is easy to open and close when placing items in the safe or taking them out. The gold bottle design, with the Axe brand name logo in black lettering, is discerning to the naked eye and will fool anyone who has active hands and eyes in your household.

If you have several roommates or need some personal storage for items you don't want others to see, a discreet safe is a solution that you are looking for. Small, easy to conceal, and blends in with everything in the medicine cabinet. If you are tired of those items in your household going missing with no explanation, a safe is a must-have in your home. See the Body Spray Hidden Safe, and other great decoy safes we have available to choose from today.

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