Book Safe

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The Book Safe is destined to become the most valuable book in your collection. A great addition to any library! You won't be able to tell this book safe from any other book because it's made out of a real book. 

Book Hidden Safe to Hide your Stuff

Velvet interior lines the hollowed out portion. The inside dimensions of the safe are: Length: 6 3/4" x Width: 3 3/4" x Depth: 1".

The book safe is a real book that contains a hidden compartment you can use to hide valuables or things you don't want found by others. Keep a stash of emergency cash in there just in case.

Need to keep something out of sight and safely tucked away? A burglar isn't going to go through a bunch of books sitting on a shelf.

A burglar certainly isn't going to stop and read a book while he's robbing you. One of our most popular diversion safes, this book safe has it's center hollowed out so you can hide your valuables. The velvety interior that lines the hidden compartment will protect whatever you decide to put inside. 

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