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What better way to protect your belongings than placing them in a safe? Using a Book Hidden Safe! If you have a household full of children or live in a college dorm with others in their early twenties, you know the last place they'll look for money or personal belongings is in a book.

Book Hidden Safe to Hide your Stuff

With a personal hidden safe, you can hide some of your most prized possessions in a place nobody in the home would ever think to look for them. Some of the great features of this hidden safe are:

  • Conspicuous design keeps wandering eyes and hands away
  • Large interior storage compartment allows you to store several items in the Book Hidden Safe
  • Easy to lock and store items of value away, in a secure location, in a home with too many people in it.

Velvet interior lines the hollowed out portion. The inside dimensions of the safe are: Length: 6 3/4" x Width: 3 3/4" x Depth: 1".

You don't have enough private space in some homes. Even if you are the owner of the home, kids or a snooping spouse are only one step away from going into your drawer and going through your belongings. However, a book is the perfect way to conceal those items you don't want anyone else to get a hold of in the home, without having to act like your hiding anything.

A safe is a great way to secure some of your valuables. However, even in the most rugged safes, there are some ways for others to break into them, no matter how secure your password/security settings might be. Why not use a hidden safe that no one in the house is going to think twice about picking up? Check out our Book Hidden Safe, as well as several other creative hidden safe ideas we have available, for you to protect the items you want to keep away from others.

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