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Do you have small valuables that need protecting? Traditional safes have their place but aren't at all inconspicuous. Imagine something you could put your valuables in that no one would look at twice.

Our Coffee Creamer Safe looks exactly like a bottle you buy from the grocery store. It features: 

  • A copy of the design found on the original
  • Ample storage space for cash and jewelry
  • Easy protection in plain sight
  • An affordable price  

Think about the last time you were in someone's home. Chances are that you didn't go through their cupboards uninvited. There's an even higher chance that unless you were making coffee, you didn't pick up their container of creamer. Do you think a criminal would bother? 

Someone out to steal your valuables is going to enter and exit your home as quickly as possible. No one is going to inspect all the jars, cans, and containers in your cupboards to see if they are safes. You know your valuables are secure when you order our hidden safe. 

No thief is going to give your coffee creamer a second glance. Only you and the people you trust know what is inside. You can leave your hidden safe right on the counter and your valuables remain locked away and out of view. It's that easy. 

Look around our site before you place your order. We have dozens of hidden safes that you can place around your home to protect your valuables. Trying to hide money from your kids so you can save for a vacation or a special item? Our safes are a fantastic option for that as well. 

Order your hidden safe from today. We will package and ship your safe quickly so you can begin protecting your valuables right away. Your satisfaction is our priority! If you have any questions or want more information, reach out to our friendly team.

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