Engine Degreaser Hidden Safe

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Are you looking for a great safe to keep inside of your truck, SUV or car? Do you want a hidden safe for your workshop or garage? We have the answer for you: our Engine Degreaser Hidden Safe. This stealthy safe looks like a can of engine degreaser; however, the bottom of the can unscrews to reveal a hidden safe.

Would-be thieves will not take the time to look at each bottle found in your automobile, garage or workshop. This makes it the perfect place to hold small items that you want to hide. If you need to stash small items, the best way to do it is to hide those items in plain sight.

Features of our Gunk Puncture Seal Engine Degreaser Hidden Safe:

  • Blend in seamlessly with other supplies in your automobile, garage or workshop
  • Made from genuine product containers
  • Weighted to feel like a full can of engine degreaser
  • Screw on bottom

Burglars generally spend less than 8 minutes searching a victim's auto or home. That’s not enough time for them to go through every container in your home. This home security product allows you to hide your valuables in plain sight. Place your small valuables, cash, or both inside the safe and rest easy knowing that burglars won't find your prized possessions.

The diversion safe offers a unique place to hide valuables and blends in with other containers found in an automobile, a workshop, or a garage. The can must be unscrewed, which means it will not accidentally open and expose your valuables.

If you are looking for a great safe to hide in your car, truck, SUV, garage or workshop, look no further than the Gunk branded engine degreaser safe. Buy your hidden safe today to ensure your valuables stay safe.

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