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Thieves are good at one thing: taking all your valuable belongings.

They know where to find your money, jewelry, tech, and items that sell for big bucks. This ensures they profit off their illegal ventures while you lose treasured items that truly matter to you. That's why it's so important that you think ahead and outsmart burglar's before they even strike.

Outlet Safe

One of the best ways to do this is a hidden decoy safe -- like our wall outlet safe

Our outlet safe looks like a conventional wall outlet. And, there's absolutely nothing distinguishing it from all the other outlets in your home! A burglar won't even think to check here because pulling it out requires too much effort while they only want to get in and get out.

The wall socket safe comes with a standard white faceplate, which blends into most home designs and wall colors. Although, you can change the faceplate if yours have different colors or designs. The difference between this and other outlets is that this one can hide small valuables along with money and jewelry. It's perfect for storing those small but highly valuable belongings.

Installing the outlet is simple and the kit comes with a template, safe key, and saw to put a hole in the wall for the outlet safe. Though, we don’t’ recommend removing any existing outlets and replace it with the safe. It's best to put this in an entirely new location.

Wall Socket Safe

You'll find that the installation is simple and should only take a few minutes. It only takes a moment and can be done easily and safely when you're ready to pop out the safe.

Too many people wait until after they have been robbed to start thinking about security. It's best to do this now before you've been robbed. We all have valuable belongings that we don't want to part with. This safe is the perfect way to protect them.

Robbers won't think of checking all your outlets for a hidden safe. They'll simply take what they can see and then leave as quickly as possible. While that’s still unfortunate, at least you can rest with ease knowing your most valuables are hidden and safe.

Even the smartest thief won't look twice at your sockets. That's why this is the perfect way to keep your true valuables safe from prying eyes and burglars that would seek to profit off your hard-earned objects.

Install the safe today before you know the pain of losing your most valuable items.

Wall outlet safe features:

  • Made to look like any other outlet, you can even change the faceplate as needed
  • Installs in minutes and comes with a template, safe key, and saw
  • Can outsmart any thief, ensuring that your valuables stay safe and hidden
  • Very affordable, the perfect way to hide your valuables without spending lots of money

We urge you to consider security now before you're robbed and experience how painful it can be. This safe is a great way to keep your belongings safe. You'll find it easily hides money, jewelry, and any other small items that you have. Give this a try and you'll be surprised by just how brilliant it is!

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