Insect Killer Hidden Safe

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Place your valuables in this perfectly hidden can of insect killer! Unless a thief is afraid of a couple of ants, it's unlikely they'll take a can of Black Flag on their way out. Just place your things right inside and the thief will never know!

Do you have valuables that you are struggling to figure out how to hide? A standard safe is the obvious place that thieves are going to look.

Get creative with how you hide your valuables from burglars, friends, or even family. No one would think that you are hiding your most prized possessions inside a can of insect killer.

The trick to making this can work as a safe is to place it in locations that you would expect to see it. Place your fake can of bug spray under a sink or in a cabinet.

Store this can with your other cans of bug spray, and it will blend right in. You could even store it in the garage.

You could even store this can in your bedroom if that makes you feel safer.

Each can is carefully made to the exact specifications of an actual can of bug spray. Then the art printed on the outside is sharp and detailed.

It is this attention to the small details that make this can so believable. Even the most discerning of thieves won't notice that this can isn't like the others on the shelf.


  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Interior dimensions: 3 7/8 x 1 3/4 inches

You have enough space on the inside of the can to hide cash, jewelry, or anything else you hold dear. You could even put a bendable passport in your can.

To place your chosen items in the safe, unscrew the top. There are no codes are special sequences you need to remember.

Then place your items inside and screw the top back on. Once the cap is screwed on, your safe will look like every other can of bug spray.

Get your own insect killer hidden safe and keep your valuables safe from theft by keeping them hidden away.