Lint Roller Hidden Safe

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There's absolutely no way a thief is gonna spend time stressing about the lint on their clothes so this is the perfect place to keep your valuables in!

Imagine a thief entering your home.

Your personal belongings thrown around as they hunt for your precious belongings. They’re on the prowl, looking for anything of value that they can take and leaving destruction along the way. One of the first things they will be on the lookout for is a safe. But, what if your safe looks nothing like the standard big metal box with a lock on the front?

Protect your belongings from would-be thieves by storing your most precious items in this lint roller hidden safe. This safe is the perfect, hidden stash for keeping your items safe from friends and family with sticky fingers. And, of course, thieves out to no good.

The outside of this safe looks exactly like a lint roller you may have in your home. That means you can keep your safe hidden in plain sight and no one would be the wiser. This lint roller has a large black handle and a roll of lint collector sheets on the roller, just as you’d expect.

To use your new safe, simply unscrew the end of the lint roller. Place your valuables inside and return the cap. Store your lint roller safe in your bedroom or closet. Place it somewhere that it won't look out of place in your home.

The decoy, lint roller safe is the best way to hide your safe in plain sight. Just make sure you remember that this lint roller is your safe so that you don't accidentally throw it away!

For those traveling, this is the perfect safe to bring with you. No one would think twice about the lint roller if they decide to trawl through your belongings. Nor would they swipe it from you if you’re on the unfortunate end of a mugging!

  • Outside dimensions: 9 inches high and 2 inches wide
  • Inside depth: 4inches deep
  • Inside diameter: 2 inches wide

The dimensions of this mini safe give you enough room to place jewelry, cash, or other small valuables inside of your lint roller. Get this lint roller hidden safe and start keeping your precious belongings safe by hiding in plain sight.

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