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Did you ever think a $5 can of brake cleaner could house so much value? Well, a Brake Cleaner Hidden Safe can! In most households, your kids or spouse won't question what you're doing with a can of brake cleaner lying around the car. If you keep it in the trunk with other cleaning supplies or keep it at home with cleaning supplies in the garage, it's likely to remain in those places without anyone snooping around much.

With our Brake Cleaner Hidden Safe, you have the perfect solution to keeping your prized valuables safe from others. Your jewelry, documents, or small items easily fit into the conical tube spray bottle. With the twist of the bottom, the spray bottle converts into a safe that houses the items you want to protect and those items you don't want anyone else to see.

The diversion safe is:

  • Compact and fits documents, jewelry, or other small valuables
  • The life-like appearance of a real brake cleaner so thieves won't look twice at the spray bottle
  • Easy to open and close for safety
  • Lightweight and easy to store in tight spaces or corners of the garage or car.

A thief isn't going to stop and think twice about having to clean their tires when making a break away from your home. Nor is your spouse or child going to try to take the cap off a brake cleaner, when snooping through items in the garage. It's the perfect way to conceal items you want to hide from others.

We have a wide range of hidden safes to choose from. Items as basic as the brake cleaner hidden safe, to soda cans, beer cans, and anything else you can imagine, we have the right storage safe for you. Come check out our inventory of products.

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