Hidden Mayo Safe

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This is a must have decoy safe to have when you want to hide something. A hidden mayo safe is a perfect way to hide your personal small treasures. A mayo jar is the last place a burglar or criminal would think to look for your family's valuables and personal items. After all, it would mean getting their fingers sticky, and who would dream of hiding their valuables in a tub of mayo in the first place?

Stop and think about it for a moment and you will soon realize that decoys are the perfect way to hide valuables. If a burglar were to look through your kitchen cupboards, the last place he would look is in a jar of mayo. This could be the perfect hiding place for keys or an unlocking code to a safe if you worry about forgetting your code. Not only that, but you could also store other valuable codes in your hidden mayo safe. Our lives seem to be controlled by numbers these days and we all need to keep them somewhere.

Our hidden mayo safe is one of our favorite items and has turned out to be a real bestseller. It is popular with all our customers, and some of our customers buy more than one. It makes an interesting present. It's the perfect gift item to give away when you would like to help a friend to keep personal possessions safe and look after their valuables.

Ordering your own hidden mayo safe is easy. All you need to do is to place your order with our company today, and your hidden mayo safe will soon be with you. No longer will you need to worry about where to store precious valuables and all those special things that you would not want any home invader to lay their hands on.

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