Air Freshener Hidden Safe

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Are you looking for a way to keep small valuables safe from a burglar? A traditional safe is obvious and one of the first places a thief will look. In fact, a thief can carry a small safe out of your home and break into it later. Our Air Freshener Hidden Safe is unlike any other that you've seen.

Our safe:

  • Looks like a typical can of air freshener
  • Has an interior dimension of 1 3/8- by 3 3/4-inches
  • Offers an affordable way to protect your items
  • Can store items such as cash and jewelry

You work hard for your pay. You've spent time saving to buy your loved one that special piece of jewelry. You don't want to lose your important identifying documents.

No matter your reason for needing a small safe, this is the one you've been searching for. No burglar is going to enter your home and reach for the air freshener. They are going to grab whatever valuables they see and get out fast. Rest assured the last thing they are going to reach for is your can of spray.

At, we know that you want to protect yourself, your family, and the things you own. We are proud to be able to offer unique hidden safes that burglars don't give a second glance.

You may not be considering burglars when hiding your cash and jewelry. Think of all the people who enter your home outside of friends and family. It's not to say that these people are up to no good, but a stranger is a stranger. If you wouldn't leave something laying in plain sight on the kitchen counter, you should have it locked away.

Order your Air Freshener Hidden Safe from our store today. We will package and ship your safe quickly. Your satisfaction is our priority. Reach out to our helpful team if we can assist you in any way.

Interior dimensions of safe 1 3/8" x 3 3/4"

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